Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Support For Family Of Driver

South Ga Graphics will be donating stickers to put on race cars or what ever this weekend at the local speedways to raise money for the Family of Niokoa Johnson, there will be a donation of 5 dollars required to get one with ALL proceeds going to her family to help with costs and expense, we will bring you more information tomorrow night on the Stock Car Thunder Show so please tune in. Thank you.

Condolences Sent

We at Stock Car Thunder would like to give our condolences to the family of the young girl that lost her life at Ocala speedway, these kind of tragedies are rare but still shake the racing community to our very core when they do happen, this sweet young lady is now in the arms of our saviour, we pray rest and peace for her loved ones.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Show Success!

Another great show!! Congrats to Koven Luke, Cameron Connell and Brittany Blair for winning free passes and Stock car thunder T shirts on our call give away!!! Also thanks Tyler Summerlin and Kyle Bridges for coming on tonight, they are both winners on and off the track, see ya`ll at Albany motor speedway this weekend for the big All Star stock car racing series event!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4th Show Bama Bash Edition

   Tonight on the STOCK CAR THUNDER SHOW we are gonna have another winners night, after a big win in Volusia during speedweeks Kyle Bronson is gonna come on and tell us what his first super late model win felt like, Kyle is no stranger to winning he has a successful history in open wheel Mod racing and his future in the latemodel series is looking pretty bright as well,Also on the show is a young fellow who I think is gonna be a name you will hear pretty often in the years to co...me, young Joseph Brown drove his brand new hot rod in the SS/LLM class to a uncontested win at the bama bash this past weekend, Joseph hit the rim and was gone!!!Gonna be good to have ya back on Joseph. Leo and Carolyn are working on another big winner from the bash and I will update with complete info when I get the word, so ya`ll stay tuned tonight for all the info from the bash and upcoming races, gonna be another good one at 92.1 FM RADIO @7:05 or go to www.stockcarthunder.blogspot.com

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4th Show

Tonight on the Stock car thunder show we are gonna be discussing the upcoming speedweeks and this new year in racing at our local speedways, also we will have Matt Salmonds AKA Stick lead tire man at Scott Bloomquist racing. Matts gonna tell us a little about their program and perhaps where Bloomquist will be racing through speedweeks, then we`ll have Travis Carter runner up in the virgin voyage of the Southern Thunder late model series at Albany speedway. Travis was close enough to read the serial numbers on Steven Roberts late model , who was the winner, but Roberts was just to smooth to lose, also we`re gonna get Mike from Wildcat performance engines, Mike is part owner in the number 1 late model Josh put on the outside pole, Josh slid back to 3rd and held on through the final lap. Josh would rather work on his neighbors car than talk to us so we will utilize Mike:)
Tune in and call in for some exciting race talk tonight at 92.1 talk radio.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21st Show

Hey race fans tonight on the stock car thunder show we are going to discuss Needmore's event this past weekend and the big race coming up at Albany this weekend. We're gonna give away a couple of tickets and probably some T shirts so stay tuned to 92.1 or listen live on the net.